beach accessories & more!

ahhhhh summer, our favourite time of year! as the temperature rises we stock up on our summer essentials,  ready to make the most of the divine weather and seaside frolicking.

sea & me beach throw / perfect for sprawling on the sand in style

le tan 30 + / feeds our coconut addiction with it’s yummy island scent

sea & me beach bag / toting our summer goodies in a stylish carry -all is a must!

cocobella coconut water / rehydrating never tasted soooo good!

ipad / staying mobile with our portable office, destination seaside thanks!

harper’s BAZAAR / perfect beach read and style barometer (check out page 206 november edition!)

sea & me sea shade / shading our body but not our style is the way we hit the shore

beach stuff 101 complete. we just love summer!

love your beach life…

sea & me x

ps. fall in love with summer – we’ve got you covered for all this season’s must-have beach accessories. laze in luxury with a sea & me sea shade and beach throw. tote your summer goodies in our range of luxe beach bags.



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